Business Development & Resource

The Business Development and Resource Committee (BDRC) was established to promote and support entrepreneurship in Marshfield. We hope to help Marshfield become the ‘go to’ community for those interested in starting or growing a business.
One of our goals is to establish and maintain a SCORE ( chapter in Marshfield. SCORE provides free mentoring services for established business professionals as well as those interested in starting a business. SCORE will train mentors from business professionals in Marshfield. They will pair mentors with entrepreneurs or established business looking for coaching.

They will also provide mentors with rich curriculum for conducting short classes on business fundamentals that will be available to the general public.
The BDRC believes the presence of an active SCORE chapter will foster a rich environment for establishing and growing businesses.
Another goal is to establish a business incubator.  This will be a location where entrepreneurs with limited resources can go to ‘setup shop’ with minimal risk, while having tangible support and coaching resources available to assist them in getting their idea off the ground.  We  anticipate this goal to take form after SCORE is well established.