The goal of the of the Business Attraction Committee is to increase the number of businesses and quality job opportunities for our residents within the city of Marshfield as well as for persons who live elsewhere.  In striving to achieve this goal the committee will identify the strengths of the community’s work force; needs of the community’s workforce; and proactively marketing the community to perspective businesses in partnership with other local and regional economic partners. Though achievement of this goal will be an ongoing effort, progress will occur as increasing number of businesses consider locating and making decisions to locate in Marshfield.

It is the mission of the Business Outreach Committee to: Establish meaningful relationships and open communication with existing businesses and entrepreneurs to aid in business enhancement and growth.
We hope to achieve this goal by identifying businesses in need of aid with starting, growing, or saving their business. We then want to reach out to those businesses and learn what needs they have, identify needs they may be unaware of, and provide tangible resources to help them in whatever capacity possible.
To do this we have acquired a list of businesses in Marshfield and created a committee, with the aid of the Rotary Club of Marshfield, of qualified individuals to conduct one-on-one interviews with some of the business owners. We hope to learn more about what is working for them, and what deficiencies or needs they may have.