Student Engagement

The Student Engagement Committee seeks to engage Marshfield’s high school students on issues affecting our local economy and quality of life.  The Committee will focus its various projects into three areas: Internships, Entrepreneurship and Community Leadership.

Through the Internship Project, we seek to provide Marshfield High School students with high quality experiential learning opportunities by providing internships with local businesses and organizations.  While the Internship Project will have immediate and direct benefits to students, it will also have substantial long-term benefits for our community.  First, the Internship Project will help retain local talent.  Many of our students graduate, leave and take their talents to other communities.


Second, the Internship Project will create a pipeline of talent for local employers which will lead to a more skilled workforce.

Through the Entrepreneurship Project, we seek to stoke the entrepreneurial spirit of Marshfield’s students and increase the number of student-owned businesses.  Through the Entrepreneurship Project, students will be resourced with business skills, provided mentorship opportunities and have access to funding sources.

Through the Community Leadership Project, we seek to engage Marshfield’s students to play an active role in the development of our community.  Marshfield is poised for growth and our students’ voices should be heard on the issues that will follow.  Students will become aware of the opportunities and challenges that face our community and will develop leadership skills to participate in shaping the debate for the direction of our community.  Tomorrow’s leaders currently walk the halls of the Marshfield High School.